8 Keys to Signing New Clients off of Webinars

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Webinars are one of the most effective ways to land clients and generate sales for B2B companies. The only problem is that putting on a successful webinar can take a ton of work and testing. Ease your workload with our 8 components to signing new clients off of webinars.

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1. Attracting the right prospects.

Getting 1000 people to attend your webinar is pointless if they have no use for your product/service.

Getting the RIGHT prospects in your funnel is essential for any webinar to be successful. Who are your most valuable customers? Who could you help the most? If you own an IT Company that has had previous success with manufacturing companies, it would not make much sense to reach out commercial real estate brokers.

If they have no or little use for what you do then they will not buy from you, no matter how good your sales pitch may be.

2. Having a compelling offer

It must be made clear that this webinar is going to be worth their time.

While the webinar itself is typically going to be free, their attention is not. You must showcase the value of the webinar to justify their time investment.

The webinar needs to be positioned around something valuable, something specific that can help their business. For example, if you are wholesale distributor your title should not be, “How We Can Save You Money With Your Wholesale Purchasing Needs”, but more something along the lines of, “How you can save X% off of your overhead through efficient wholesale purchasing.”

While that title still may not be perfect, it does specifically and clearly state the value of this webinar for THEIR business, not YOUR business.

3. Getting your message in front of ENOUGH prospects

Earlier we mentioned that having 1000 prospects attend your webinar that have no use for your services is a waste of time. That is only slightly worse than having only a handful of targeted prospects show up.

It is important to get your message out in front of enough of your prospects to make it worth your time. Even if you have the BEST, most LIFE CHANGING product or service out there not everyone is going to sign up for your webinar.

It’s a numbers game. Get your message in front of the right amount of prospects so that the percentage that sign up for your webinar is substantial enough to justify your time investment.  You can do this by emailing your own list, using social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. to reach out and advertise your webinar, etc.

(For more strategies on attracting prospects, keep reading.)

These social media sites all have their own way of searching for, identifying, and targeting potential prospects that will have in interest in what you do.

4. Getting them familiar/comfortable with you prior to the webinar.

You need to warm your prospects up with some communication and dialogue prior to the webinar to not only keep it top of mind for them, but to build some sort of rapport with those that have shown an interest.

Simple, personable emails that contain value (blog posts, additional free products, etc.) can mean the difference in getting your prospects to actually show up.

Getting them to like you and trust you prior to actually attending the webinar will make the selling process that much easier.

5. Blowing them away during the presentation.

No, you don’t need to have an Oscar winning performance on this webinar. You don’t need to act at all. What you do need to do is go through exactly how you can save or make your prospects money.

Back your claims up with statistics and testimonials from your current clients. Hit the audience with THE most important information, with THE most confidence.

Also, take your experience dealing with objections and tackle them upfront.

You won’t know what they are thinking during your presentation but you will know what objections you have heard before. Hit them head on, this will answer most of the doubts your potential clients may have early to put them in the best position to purchase.

6. Presenting an opportunity to become your client.

By now you should be warming your prospects up for your services and have clearly demonstrated the value of your offering. Now it’s time to tell them what to do next.

Make this as easy and as painfully obvious as possible. Tell them exactly where to go to get ahold of you or to request more information. The last thing you want to do is have an interested prospect fall through the cracks because he/she did not have an easy way to move forward.

Have a web page designated for them to request more info or to sign up. This way you can gather their contact information to put you in the driver’s seat for a follow up.

7. Effective Follow Up Strategy

You must be prepared to follow up with those who have showed interest in your product or service.

Some of your registrants will not show up to the webinar, some of your attendees will not reach out for more info, and some of your interested prospects will not be easy to communicate with.

It is just the nature of the game. Be sure to avoid wasting any of these leads.

Just because someone does not reach out, it does not mean they are not interested. It is essential to follow up with everyone who showed interest in the webinar to begin with. Be sure to offer a replay for those who could not make it and do not be afraid to put on your sales cap to reach out to those who attended but did not take the next step.

It would be a shame if some potential clients went unsigned because of not following up properly.

8. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Perfecting this process can take TONS of time and could lead to more failures than successes initially. Our last and most important piece of advice is to learn from those who have already had success. You DO NOT need to reinvent the wheel.

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