How Brent Barnacle Used LinkedIn to Close Deals in 15 Different Countries

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Brent BarnacleWe love us some LinkedIn bad asses.  And Brent Barnacle is definitely one of them.

Brent's a Consultant at Strengths Strategy, Inc.

He's doing some awesome things with LinkedIn to grow his business, and we thought you'd want to learn his strategies too!

Josh sat down with Brent to really dig deep into the strategies he's using that have allowed him to closed deals in 15 different countries using LinkedIn.

Not to mention, 50-60% of prospects he approaches agree to a call.  Pretty damn solid!

Check out the video below!

What we talked about:

  • How Brent got started with LinkedIn.
  • The things he tried in the beginning that just didn't get results.
  • The simple change in approach that has allowed him to book calls with 50-60% of prospects he targets.
  • How much time he spends executing these strategies.
  • His strategies for leveraging groups to reach targeted prospects and turn them into clients.
  • How he approaches connection requests.
  • Why he's seeing so much success using LinkedIn.

To learn more about Brent, you can visit his LinkedIn profile here and be sure to check out Strengths Strategy Inc. as well.

Pretty great stuff, right?! We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

  • I love the authenticity of the approach and finding alignment with the person you’re connecting with. Just now seeing the huge potential in finding coaching clients through LinkedIn.

  • Very inspiring and informative interview. I love how he personalizes the messages and the one-on-one conversations. Looking forward to doing the same.

    AmondaRose Igoe
    6-Figure Speaking Goddess and Award Winning Speaking Expert

  • Thanks for this interview. It has some great actionable content and gave me a good dose of inspiration as well! The advice about taking some type of course to quickly get yourself up to speed with LinkedIn (rather than trying to figure it out yourself) is right on. I’m currently working my way through the Linked University training and highly recommend it.

  • Hi, I was busily writing notes to myself as Brent talked with ideas of how to implement. No doubt that being authentic is the key and the time spent is not important because you don’t waste your time on secondary activities like traveling, no shows and non-targeted clients. Seems to me that the time spent gets a fantastic ROI!
    Partnership Coordinator and CSR consultant for the NGO Morija