Getting Back To The Handshake

Posted by Ben Kniffen in B2B Lead Generation & Sales Development

These days, it’s so easy to become enamored with all the latest tricks and hacks in the digital marketing space.

One thing I’ve found to be a critical tool as CEO, is to know when to NOT do something.  As we’ve grown, I’ve seen that “doing new things” doesn’t always correlate to growth.

That’s why our #4 priority for 2018 (click here for #1, 2, and 3) is bringing back the “handshake.” With social media chat-bots and automation being such a shift in recent years, it’s easy to forget where business comes from: REAL RELATIONSHIPS!

And that’s why a big priority for us, is to use today’s platforms and tools in a way that gets back to the basics and keeps it simple.

That doesn’t mean we can’t use the latest technology, but we need to use that technology the right way so we don’t lose the human touch.

I’m going to go VERY deep on how to do this right, and how you can implement this into your business in our 4-Part Workshop starting February 5th… register below:

Why is this such a priority for us?

Well, in 2017, we tried some things.  Some worked really well, while others did not.

We implemented systems and strategies that helped us greatly.  But after taking a closer look, I realized that in some ways we had strayed slightly from what we are best at.  We weren’t focused on the top things that got us here.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”
— Mark Twain

We’ve aligned ourselves back with the systems that we knew worked, and are focusing our energy on that.

So for 2018, we’re putting a laser-focus on relationships with our system… a TRIED and TRUE method… the “handshake.”

And here’s the deal.  Most people will read this and say… “Yeah, but that’s not scale-able. I don’t wanna have to do a bunch of coffee and networking events.”

Me neither.  That’s the opposite of what we’re talking about.

In fact, with our system, you can leverage these online tools to build trust and relationships in a very systematic way…with hundreds or thousands of prospects at a time.  There’s nothing else like it.

Building trust and relationships is how you create the “handshake” in the digital world. And it’s the only way to truly grow if you’re looking for high-end clients.

Does this mean stop innovating and go back to the old fashioned way?

Absolutely not.

We understand that for every company, innovation is important.  If you don’t innovate, then you lose market share.  

However, that innovation needs to be well balanced, it needs to put you in a strategic position that will allow you to be more of an authority figure that your clients will want to do business with.

Marketing is an ever-changing and complex industry.  And this very system that we’ll be teaching in the upcoming workshop, has allowed us to step up to the forefront of the industry and really put us in a position as one of the very top companies in our space.

And the reason is because our process is based on proven social and psychological principles: by communicating with your target audience in a format that builds trust and relationship – attracting better prospects, creating a consistent flow of sales opportunities and more clients.

In other words: If you act like a human online, you’ll close more deals with a handshake.

There’s a step-by-step, 100% systematic way to do it.  And when you get this system installed in your business, the floodgates will open.

You can get this system by pre-registering today for our 4-Part Workshop starting February 5th. 

Can’t wait to see you there!