How to Use LinkedIn For Business – Interview with Josh Turner

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How to Use LinkedIn for Business

How to Use LinkedIn for BusinessI recently had the opportunity to sit down for an extensive discussion on LinkedIn marketing strategies with Holly Campbell.

Holly hosts a fantastic show on the W4WN Radio Network, the World's #1 Ranked Women's Radio Station.

We talked about a wide variety of LinkedIn strategies and tactics, from the foundation to more advanced strategies.

Whether you are just now trying to figure out how to use LinkedIn for business, or you're already killin' it…there are some great takeaways here.

Check out the interview by clicking play here:

Josh Turner – Interview on W4WN

P.S. My audio isn't 100% perfect, but the content is great and you won't want to miss it.

Be sure to stop by and check out some of Holly's past shows at or listen live every weekday at!

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  • Thanks you for this info. I will be hosting a Business Vision Board Class in November and this info is such an assets. Thank you again for sharing. I have struggles with the understanding of LinkedIn for my business. Glad for the help.

  • Great journey on use Linkedin. Linkedin is a great company, we will officially get support from Linkedin for our magazine. I believe we need to do something recognized by Linkedin.