LinkedIn Group Messaging Limit: 3 Positives You Haven’t Considered

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Remember when Linkedin allowed UNLIMITED LinkedIn group messaging? Those days are long gone.

Just last month LinkedIn (quietly) announced changes to one’s ability to send messages to a fellow group member. Under the new guidelines you are limited to only 15 free messages to fellow group members per month.

Now you may be thinking, “15 messages X 50 LinkedIn groups? Well that’s 750 messages per month!”

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.

The 15 messages limit is applied to all of your LinkedIn groups…not each group individually. It’s no surprise that response to the new guidelines haven’t exactly been favorable, just like when LinkedIn announced changes to their InMail policy. And rightly so…I know our team has definitely had a few, “WTF!” moments.

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But instead of wallowing in LinkedIn self-pity, I am going to encourage everyone to look at the bright side to these limits.

Hear me out…

Instead of LinkedIn Group Messaging, Turn to First Degree Connections

You are still allowed unlimited messaging to everyone who is a first degree connection. Now while I wouldn’t go out and abuse this feature, it does make an even stronger case for building a QUALITY database of high quality prospects.

So instead of reaching out via LinkedIn group messaging…hit them up with a PERSONALIZED connection request and then you can get the conversation rolling from there.

Say ‘Sayonara' to SPAM LinkedIn Group Messages

Obviously this change is due in part to trying to reduce the spammy crap from infiltrating member’s inboxes. Makes sense….Ain’t nobody got time for spam.

However, if your prospects are suddenly rid of the spam that has been piling up in the inbox, then there is a greater chance that your LinkedIn Group messages won’t get lost in all the clutter. Prospects will have more time and be more willing to actually read and respond to your message.

Finally! Quality LinkedIn Group Messaging Over Quantity

quality over quantityThis one is along the same lines as SPAM. Instead of sending an abundance of messages to people who may or may not be a good fit for your business, you can now spend that time prospecting and focusing ONLY on prospects who you KNOW will be a good fit.

From there, you can then craft a more personalized message tailored to the fit the individual needs of that prospect, rather than a one-size-fits-all stock message. This will increase the likelihood said prospects will respond.

A win win for all!

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Now you can see (I hope) that the changes to LinkedIn group messaging might not be as bad as it initially seemed. Anytime LinkedIn, or any other social platform, decides to make changes to their policies or features, it isn’t necessarily time to jump ship on the whole social media marketing idea.

Instead, take it as a challenge to review your current LinkedIn strategy and see what action you can take to make you and your business better. It will pan out for you in the long run!

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  • The problem that LI is trying to fix is only partially addressed IMO. Poor strategy from the start on LI’s part that has been allowed to deteriorate over time. Being part of a group is a two way responsibility of both the group owner and the members of the group. There are currently over 2 million groups polluting the landscape in LI, of which the vast majority are so quiet you can hear crickets chirping. LI corporate needs to delete groups that have had no interaction in over “x” number of months. Also, members that haven’t read or visited groups in “x” number of months should be contacted by LI and asked if they want to be removed from the group. Don’t know about most LI marketers but I’m getting tired of having LI remove value from my paid membership while increasing subscription costs/fees. Way too much focus on profitability and not their paid users… The base membership is practically useless as LI has removed visibility, analytics and interaction as a response shareholders demanding ROI. LinkedIn’s advertising is some of the highest CPC of any social media platform and not an affordable medium for small businesses.

    • Owen, thanks for the comment. I don’t know I’d agree that the basic LI account is useless, but of course, the paid options are better. It is an interesting idea to remove groups/members based on inactivity. Could remove a lot of clutter and encourage interaction.

      • Hi Owen,

        Couldn’t agree more. LI should prompt group members of their inactivity & check if they wish to continue to be part of the group.

  • We are still able to send 30+ per day without a problem. Perhaps it is because of our premium plan or perhaps they haven’t turned it off for everybody yet. Any ideas?

    • Frank, are you sure you can send 30+ messages within a group, or are you thinking of regular LinkedIn messages? You might be the first person I’ve heard that has escaped this new limit. If so, good for you!

  • Great points, Josh! I wrote about the new LinkedIn Groups messaging limits in my June 18 blog post. If you’re focused on attraction marketing, as I and my clients are, these changes don’t affect your results and help keep your LinkedIn Inbox more productive!


  • I like the reduction in spam from LinkedIn Groups, and I never used the unlimited messaging anyway. Relationships are built one person at a time, and that’s why I like the 3 points you make here. The bonus point is excellent advice as I have not consistently reached out to those who view my profile, no matter what level connection they are. Always appreciate your insights, Josh, and your focus on pointing out the positives!

    • Meredith, I can’t take credit for this post. Jame Kreft on the LinkedSelling team was the author! And it’s true, the Who’s Viewed Your Profile tool is rarely used as much as it should be.

  • Hi Josh,

    I’m a member of your LinkedIn University and I’m just wondering…does this new limit only mean other people’s groups you are in, or does it also include your own group?

    • Hey Jeannette, Unfortunately the limit includes your own group as well. It will be interesting to see how this pans out in the long run, specially since LinkedIn is already pretty protective on allowing the group owner access to the list of group members.

  • I already downloaded the book and paid $21.00 for scripts.
    It hurts, I am handicapped. I can’t directly connect. I get 15 InMails.


  • Hi Josh

    We at eGrabber love the 15 free messages limit imposed by LinkedIn.

    When its free, talk becomes cheap, and spam becomes more.

    This makes training like your, that show how to sell to prospects on LinkedIn, more effective.

    It also means, tools from egrabber that find email ID of any prospect on LinkedIn, also more valuable.

    Happy selling.


    • Hay Chandra, thanks for reading! This change will separate professionals looking to connect and those who SPAM!