How to Stay in Front of Your Prospects Every Day While Only Investing One Hour Per Month

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When you’re a business owner, there’s always a new challenge right around the corner, isn’t there?

One major challenge that most business owners are faced with is that once you’ve gotten really good at finding and identifying prospects who are just right for your business, you find it really difficult to stay top of mind with all of them.

And while that’s a better problem to have than having no prospects at all, it’s still a serious problem.

If you don’t stay in front of them on a regular basis, you’re letting opportunity pass you by. They could forget about you, or even worse, they could decide to go with a competitor in your absence.

Your days are already full. Your calendar is packed, and you’re doing everything you can to grow your business. As busy as you are, you barely have time to stay in front of your existing customers.

And yet… hundreds of thousands of potential clients are sitting there on LinkedIn ripe for the picking, but you don’t have the time to go pick them.

It feels like you’re on a hamster wheel sometimes. You know you could be getting in front of those clients… but you don’t have the time… but you need to stay in front of them… but you’re already so busy…

So what do you do about it? How do you keep all the plates spinning AND stay top of mind with all those awesome prospects on LinkedIn?

No worries. There’s actually a simple solution. Our students and our clients use it every day – and today I’m going to show you how it works.

The Best Way to Stay in Front of Your Prospects

We’ve developed what we call a Drip Marketing Top-of-Mind Campaign that allows you to be seen as a thought leader in your industry and stay in front of your target prospects on a daily basis without eating up a ton of your time. This process also doesn’t require you to spend a lot of time creating your own content.

On top of everything else, using this method will ensure you’re in front of your prospects on a regular basis WITHOUT coming off as one of those spammy, pushy types who just talks about themselves all the time.

When you can keep in front of them on a regular basis, provide great content to them, and come off looking like a thought leader in your market, guess who they’re going to think of when they’re in need of help? Right. YOU.

This system is really easy to execute, and it will only take about an hour of your time once a month to set up.

The drip campaign in based on staying top of mind with your network by sharing relevant content into targeted groups once or twice a week. This keeps your face and your name in front of them, and shows them that you’re someone who’s active and relevant in their industry.

The content you share doesn’t have to be created by you, it just has to be meaningful and targeted to the group.

Stay in front of your prospects

And in just a bit, I’ll tell you how you can learn how to make finding, sharing and automating this whole process very simple.

How to Join (and Share Content With) the Right Groups

LinkedIn allows you to join up to 100 groups. And if you’ve chosen your groups wisely, this could potentially put you in front of tens or even hundreds of thousands of prospects every week.

But the mistake most people make is not belonging to the right groups to begin with. But how do you know if you’re joining the right groups?

Here’s the key…

The mistake most people make is joining groups where their peers and competitors are. That may seem logical, but what you really want to do is join the groups where your prospects are most active!

Because when you post content or updates to groups where your prospects hang out, every time you post something, your name literally ends up in the inbox of TENS Of THOUSANDS or HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people in your market.

Stay in front of your prospects

You can also re-purpose this same content to be used as status updates, which we recommend you share more regularly than once or twice a week.  Status updates are the updates that you see being shared on your LinkedIn homepage, from all of your connections – like in the screenshot above.

Make an effort to keep your content and your status updates balanced – meaning switch up the type of information you’re sharing from day to day. Make a list to use as a guide when you post like in this example…

Stay in front of your prospects


Low on Maintenance – Big on Results

The beauty of using this system is that you’re able to set it up ahead of time – in about an hour a month. You’re going to use content you’ve curated from different sources and set it up all at once.

But your prospects will see it drip out day by day on a steady basis – so you’re always top of mind. To you, it’s an hour a month. To them, it’s you always being present and relevant – and the whole thing runs on autopilot.

And the results? They’ve been phenomenal. One of our clients, Mike Mertz, is averaging 622 clicks and 5,718 views each month just from this campaign.

Stay in front of your prospects

Think about what that kind of attention every month could do for your business.

Once you’ve set up the system, all that’s left to do is follow up with all the new leads in your LinkedIn inbox!

Stay in front of your prospects

Now, if your LinkedIn inbox isn’t jam-packed yet like that one, let’s work on changing that.

How to Kick It Up a Notch

We regularly hold an Advanced LinkedIn Masterclass that covers these drip marketing campaigns and several other powerful strategies is detail – plus gives you an overview of our whole system.

If you’d like to dig down deeper into this strategy, learn how to automate this process, and learn some other great strategies that work hand in hand with this to make it even more effective, you should grab a seat for the Advanced LinkedIn Masterclass.

Stay in front of your prospects

What about you?

What’s your process for staying top of mind with your prospects and connections? Tell me about your challenges and wins in the comments.

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