LinkedIn Marketing ServicesIf your organization is ready to use LinkedIn as a real marketing tool, here's what it can do for you:

  • Increased sales.
  • A virtually limitless funnel of pre-qualified prospects.
  • An integrated platform to leverage your other online marketing efforts.
  • Establish you and your company as THE leading expert in your industry.
  • An extremely valuable, long-term permission asset you can use for years to market, generate leads, increase sales, promote your expertise and build relationships with partners, suppliers, prospects and clients.

We help firms achieve this through a strategic LinkedIn marketing campaign, integrated with messaging, content, and email.

Outsourced LinkedIn MarketingHere's the litmus test:

  • You understand that ALL of your prospects are on LinkedIn.
  • You know that LinkedIn offers a massive opportunity to get in front of your most important, high value prospects.
  • You understand that LinkedIn offers an unprecedented platform to establish expertise and authority in your industry, and leveraging this to generate leads consistently.
  • You know that doing it requires a systematic and persistent marketing approach.
  • You realize that doing it in-house just isn’t feasible.
  • You don’t want to pass up on the tremendous opportunities available to dramatically increase leads and revenue.

If this is you, we should talk.

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If you're not leveraging LinkedIn, you're missing out on additional leads and sales.

Our strategic LinkedIn marketing services and LinkedIn marketing campaign management solutions allow you to achieve your goals by partnering with strategic, experienced LinkedIn experts who take the burden off you and your team.  Our team will run your entire LinkedIn marketing campaign for you.  For companies that either don't have the time, resources, or the internal expertise, working with us is the perfect solution. Here's our process.

LinkedIn Marketing Campaign Strategy: The Foundation for a Successful CampaignLinkedIn Marketing Services

Every company has a unique market, message, prospect list, identity…the list goes on and on.  As such, every campaign we design and run is unique. Working with you and your team, we work together to determine who your ideal prospects are by industry, company size, position, etc. This then gives us the foundation to design a creative LinkedIn marketing campaign specifically targeted to your prospects.

  • What kind of messaging will resonate with your audience?
  • How can we create a group that provides lasting value and attracts your prospects, not your competitors?
  • How will we identify the most valuable prospects on LinkedIn?

Answering these questions takes thoughtful consideration, and we'll help you discover the right solutions. We work with you to develop a powerful campaign that will have lasting results.  With clients all over the world, these meetings are typically conducted via GoToMeeting or Skype.

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1. LinkedIn Prospect Database Build

LinkedIn Marketing Campaign - Build ConnectionsIn the strategy phase, we defined a precise description of your target prospects. We use that data to build your database of connections in an extremely targeted manner.

Soon you will be connected to 1-2,000 very high value prospects.

Most clients come to us with between 100 and 500 connections. We have a unique methodology for working your account to dramatically expand your connections.

It's important to note that these connections are not junk. These leads are your actual, high-value prospects that we identify together and work to connect you with directly.  This is a valuable long-term database that grows continually.

“In phase one in the first two weeks I have added about 534 potential clients to LinkedIn, had feedback from 10 people wanting more info and turned 5 of those into clients. “
– Michael Mertz, Mertz International LLC

2. “Drip” LinkedIn Marketing Campaign for Lead Generation

Wouldn't it be great if simply having a couple thousand targeted connections was all you needed to do?

Well, it's not.  You have to interact with these connections, to stay in front of them and build real relationships.  People do business with people that they “know, like, and trust.”  We help you establish that trust, in a short amount of time.

LinkedIn Marketing ExpertsYou know marketing requires a number of touches over a period of time.  Some say 7, some say 12, or even as many as 30 touches.  Whatever the number is, you know you have to persistently stay in front of prospects in order to be “top of mind” when they are ready. In our initial setup phase, we develop a set of personally crafted messages to deliver to your prospects at predetermined intervals.

In this stage, we execute your LinkedIn marketing campaign. We manage the delivery of hundreds of personal messages to each of your high-value prospects.  This is done on a very regular basis, to insure that you are not only positioned for the sale when the time is right, but generating leads consistently.

In our initial conversation, once we get to know more about your business, we'll give you an up front lead range you can count on each month, via this process.

Across many industries, all over the world, this LinkedIn marketing campaign process has delivered an average 29% favorable response rate. Meaning for every 100 targeted prospects we work through the process, on average 29 will agree to speak with you or your sales team. Compare that to cold calling.

We refine the process, working new prospects into it, and perfecting the message as your campaign moves forward.

3. LinkedIn Group Development and Management

Creating and running a LinkedIn group is the most powerful tactic in your LinkedIn marketing campaign arsenal.

Creating a strong, vibrant LinkedIn group is the single best way to establish yourself as THE expert in your space. 

LinkedIn Marketing

We can do it for you. If you're not doing it, one of your competitors will be. For most of our clients, a LinkedIn group is an extremely important component of their overall campaign.

First, we create a group that attracts your best prospects to become members. We manage the group on a daily basis, contributing content and facilitating discussion (all in your voice). And we consistently grow your group, continually exposing you to new prospects that we can work into your funnel.

As the owner/manager of the group, you control the most valuable messages that are sent from the group to its members:

  1. Group digests delivered daily to all group members. Yes, this means your name will be in front of your prospects EVERY DAY. (True, some members will change these settings and receive the digest once each week.  But we have found this to be the minority.)
  2. Group announcements (delivered straight to every members inbox).
  3. The manager’s choice, which is the featured article or discussion in the forum.

This allows us to send targeted communications to all group members, and to keep your most important messages front and center at all times within the group.

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What are the benefits of a LinkedSelling LinkedIn marketing campaign?

  1. Keep your brand and message in front of thousands of prospects.
  2. Place your marketing messages in your prospects' inbox on a regular basis.
  3. Establish yourself and your organization as THE authority and expert in your field.
  4. Gain a predictable system for generating leads, leads that you are currently missing out on.
  5. Access a massive database that you'll be able to leverage for years to come.
  6. Increase sales.

Watch this client interview.

If you're wondering if our LinkedIn marketing campaign strategies work, please take a moment to watch this interview with one of our clients, and find out exactly how we've  helped their company increase sales by over $5,000,000 translating into an expected 30-40% growth in annual revenue.

If it seems like a fit for your business, please contact us to start a discussion.  Again, every business requires a unique strategy on LinkedIn.  We'll work with you to design the right campaign to meet your goals.