LinkedSelling Acquires Elite Digital Group

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Recent Acquisition Paves the Way for New B2B Lead Generation Opportunities   ST. LOUIS– LinkedSelling is pleased to announce the acquisition of Elite Digital Group, uniting two companies that support the B2B community with lead generation services. Elite Digital Group is comprised of a team trained in highly-specialized social media lead generation, now a unique […]

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Pipeline Management: How to Guarantee Your Sales Pipeline Remains Full Month after Month

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There’s only one way to manage your sales pipeline: PRIORITIZE IT!

Without either dedicating the time or resources to maintain a healthy sales pipeline, it’s only a matter of time until your business has to start over from the beginning.

There’s no more direct line between reliable growth than a prioritization of the pipeline. In this blog, we’ll detail the basic workings of a sales pipeline and how to use your resources in the right places.

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Should You Build An In-House Sales Development Team Or Outsource To An Agency?

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Every business with a sales team wants them to function at their best. That means letting them focus solely on what they’re best at and removing unnecessary tasks from their plate so they can focus on closing. That also means that you need to fill their pipeline with quality leads, creating quality and consistent opportunities for them to close new clients.

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The Way B2B Customers Are Making Their Purchasing Decisions Is Redefining Sales & Marketing Alignment

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A change is upon us. In the past, business was centered around a handshake. Inherent in any deal was the relationship you had built behind the dotted line. You met in person, over dinner or lunch. And you had to win the trust of your prospect. While that still holds true, digital marketing has turned both brands and prospects alike into just another number on a spreadsheet. Another penny in the funnel.

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