How to Re-Engage the Email List You’ve Been Ignoring and Generate More Appointments

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Whether your email list has 150 prospects on it or 15,000 prospects, chances are you are like many of the business owners I work with and have a segment of email addresses for people that are a good potential fit for your product or service…but you haven’t emailed them, texted them, called them, or seen […]

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How a Consulting Firm Used LinkedIn to Close Multiple Six Figure Contracts

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If your business is after high-ticket (big account) contracts, the best way to close those contracts is through building sincere relationships in a systematic way. Denise Carter, Director at Mantle, a leadership development consultancy, saw this first-hand. You can listen in on the interview with her and Pat Henseler, Director of Training at LinkedSelling…   […]

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LinkedSelling Acquires Elite Digital Group

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Recent Acquisition Paves the Way for New B2B Lead Generation Opportunities   ST. LOUIS– LinkedSelling is pleased to announce the acquisition of Elite Digital Group, uniting two companies that support the B2B community with lead generation services. Elite Digital Group is comprised of a team trained in highly-specialized social media lead generation, now a unique […]

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