When we say we are ROI focused,

We mean it.

At LinkedSelling we pride ourselves on being obsessively focused on providing great results for our clients. Check out some of our many client success stories below.

LinkedSelling Client Campaign Success Stories

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If you're interested in learning more about how we can solve your lead generation problems, book a 1-on-1 planning session with our Director of Client Strategy to discuss your business, your sales process, and whether or not our LinkedIn Marketing Campaign Management Services would be a good fit for your needs.


Resources to grow your business.

How to Convert More Prospects (Part 1)

As an outbound lead generation and sales development agency, we fill your sales teams’ calendar by delivering quality sales opportunities consistently. We keep your sales pipeline full. This is a huge benefit for our clients because they can focus on closing and they’ve got consistent sales opportunities coming in the door. Once we deliver the sales appointment,

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One Marketing Company Generated 200 Quality Leads and 50 Sales Appointments

Add Content Block Insert Content Template or Symbol Insert Content Template or Symbol One Marketing Company Generated 200 Quality Leads and 50 Sales Appointments Insert Video The Challenge:The Old Methods Just Weren’t Cutting It AnymoreAs a company that helps organizations grow through acquisitions, retaining existing customers, and removing barriers to growth, Standing Partnership is all

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Generate Sales Opportunities at Scale

The name of the game is to generate sales opportunities at scale… don't believe it? I'll prove it to you.Let’s have a little friendly competition. Assuming you and I have the same product knowledge, roughly the same skill set when it comes to sales, equal experience and equally relevant contacts – who will get more

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