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At LinkedSelling we pride ourselves on being obsessively focused on providing great results for our clients. Check out some of our many client success stories below.

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6 Things to Avoid When Running a Paid Ads Campaign

“Lingchi” – also known as “Death by a Thousand Cuts”. You might know it as a form of torture and execution that was used in Asia from roughly 900 CE up until the early 1900s. Today, it’s a psychological saying that refers to the idea that, if left unchecked, a major negative change can happen slowly over

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Optimize LinkedIn Ads

Optimize LinkedIn Ads | Full Optimization Guidelines & Cheat Sheet

What is the number one thing that can kill the success of any funnel or campaign?NOT Optimizing it over time.OPTIMIZATION is so important. All of the energy, resources and ad spend that you put intodeveloping funnels to add to your pipeline is NOT WORTH anything if you don’t keep a closeeye on it.Any campaign that

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The 4 Key Issues With Most Lead Generation Programs

When it comes to reaching leads every second counts and every lead matters. Whatever the approach – email outreach, social media, face-to-face — the competition for attention is fierce. Not only do you have to gain attention, but you have to build trust immediately. If you don’t make that quick connection, a potential lead is lost. And, a second

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