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Generate Leads and Increase Sales Through LinkedIn and Email


The Client Acquisition Secret Used By Today’s Fastest Growing Small Businesses


​Establish your brand as an authority in your industry so that your top prospects are predisposed to trust you.

​Building Relationships

​Identify, find, and reach out to your ideal prospect type to systematically build earnest relationships and develop rapport

​Lead Generation

Leverage authority status and nurtured relationships to book more sales appointments and get more clients.

Testimonials from our clients

  • I knew I needed a system to bring in clients. They helped me avoid pitfalls, and the biggest benefit is the increase in revenue. My revenue has doubled because of the system and I've gained 112 clients. We have thousands of people that we're working through the process and my business is just exploding. If you work with LinkedSelling, there's no way you won't get new clients!

    MIKE MERTZ CEO at Mertz-International Limited

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Appointments Each Month? 

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The Foundation

​very process we have starts with the foundation, getting to know your prospect really, really well. This needs to happen FIRST, or the rest of the system will be far less effective.


Your Leadership Platform

​Our proprietary process for quickly establishing your leadership platform to position you and your brand as a leader in the industry you serve. It’s this platform that’s going to supercharge everything else you and will allow you to quickly build trust with your top prospects.


Building Your Database

​The third step is building your database of prospects. This involves identifying your ideal clients and systematically bringing them into your network, using a number of tactics.


Prospect Outreach

​From there, we’ll move to Step 4, your messaging/outreach campaign. This is where the results start POURING in. Instead of sitting back and waiting, this proactive approach ensures that you’ll be generating appointments consistently every single month.


Frequent Follow Up

​Research has proven that it typically takes between 5 and 12 touch points before a prospect will buy or agree to to a sales call. Our follow up systems will make sure that when they are ready to move forward, that YOU are the one that they think of.